Genesa Crystal
Building it




An overview of sorts.

Well the sad news is that the Labyrinth at Labyrinth Springs no longer exists as a physical creation.
It does however still exist as an energy form and continues to enhance the area to this day........
 In due course there will be cast in bronze versions (and maybe other materials) suitable for wall hangings or as Finger Labyrinths, particularly good set in tables methinks.   The beauty of a finger Labyrinth is that it can be "walked", so to speak, with a finger tip and similar results can be experienced to actually walking it, mileage will vary on this aspect but at the very least it can be extremely calming, hypnotic just looking at the pattern......

Feel free to contact me about them..... I want the design to continue being of assistance.


I am tempted to answer  "Don't ask me, I only made it and keep the gate."  For so it seemed...
 There is probably no real satisfactory answer to this but walking it gave onean experiencial understanding / a knowing of it's value.
 For me, in part it, ended as a way of reaching out and communicating, adding something of value.
It is the experience of the walk itself that gives us the clues as to why these forms have been around for such a long time.
Much meaning and significance can be attributed to any particular design, but ultimately it is down to you.

Maybe you should find a Labyrinth and walk it, gain a sense of their magic.
 Otherwise all this is just words.
This particular design is new to the world and incorporates one of the most basic, yet potent forms we choose to identify with, the spiral. Continuous movement in and through, bi-directional,  life,  death,  re-birth.
 In this case it is also representative of the large energy spirals / forms present at
 Labyrinth Springs,  energies strong enough to break dowsing sticks.
Above all,  I take it as a symbol of the inter-action between ALL THAT IS.
 The ebbs an flows of creation that we call our lives. 
 To my perception Labyrinths benefits all who walk them,
 be it in subtle ways or stunningly in your face as some have found.
  It was extraordinarily easy to create in a sense, despite a degree of mowing tedium.  It was like I had already made it,
the design just flowed out,
even allowing for my tendency to fiddle and adjust.
 It feels like I have done it before, nothing like a bit of added mystery to something.

It all came about because I had seen a small GENESA CRYSTAL and found it oddly attractive, definite intimations of unusual properties in what little literature I could find, as well as the actual feelings I was getting from it.....

I never seemed to get around to making one to explore, all talk I was. Then it came to me that  I should build a big one that you could get inside and really feel.  Talked about that a lot if I remember rightly but never did anything about it.

Some time later I was visiting a good friend of mine, Adriana, and a book on the table "insisted" I go and pick it up, I did and everything fell into place with a flash of prophetic insight.  The book was called,   "Mazes and Labyinths Of the World".......
It was obvious,  (at least at that moment),  a big Genesa Crystal had to go in the middle of a Labyrinth! The rest is history.

I turned up back at home just as Marie was telling someone I would probably turn up with some "crazy idea about    mowing a path around the property or something",  is that psychic or what?  Little did she know what it would develop into.
Go here for a little more depth to the physicality of it's creation.
Funnily enough despite comments like "Why are you doing this? What are you going to do with it?", Marie was always first to walk any new section as soon as it was made.  When queried about it all on completion,  and "Should I let it grow out now?",  I got a very definite "NO!  It's just WONDERFUL".  Despite 35 kilometers of mowing a month I'm still inclined to think so myself as well.....

Curious things were observed to happen just after it was completed.  For instance our two pigeons suddenly discovered flight, until then they had only ever flown down from the roof for food and back up again,  seriously that was all they had done.  The morning I put the Genesa Crystal in and completed the Labyrinth they flew continously for twenty minutes, (that I saw),  clockwise around the main body of the Labyrinth,  centering on the Genesa Crystal.  Now you can't see the labyrinth from the house, and they have never done it since,   or ever gone anywhere else for that matter.      What were they seeing??

We also noticed a change in behaviour in a lot of travelling larger birds,  ie. migrating,  food runs from the coast etc,  they were now flying over the top of the Labyrinth, often changing course there.  They used to fly up the river bed,  yet the Labyrinth was only visible from directly above and somehow they sensed it from afar.

The Genesa Crystal seems to "squirm" at times,  there have been "blobs" of red light,  halos,  odd optical effects and time distortions. All purely subjective of course......

The Labyrinth was dedicated on the spring equinox of 1999, and a public ceremony was held a couple of days later.
The centre of the big circle is the focus where the Genesa Crystal resides.
It was made with a long bit of string,  many bits of stick, a lawnmower,  lots of persistence and a vague wishing I could remember some high school math formula's.  It is quite big , the path being about 2.2 kilometers long in total,  it took about 30 minutes to walk in actual time,  quite something else in percieved time depending on where your head was at.
Start point is at the bottom, (of the plan),  and you take the first turn right,  with the path circling around to the head section, down through right-hand spiral then the left-hand spiral and into the main body.  Once at the focus and time spent at the Genesa Crystal it was a short walk out. It differs from many labyrinths in that the path is a journey "through" rather than a "there and back experience"
In essence it could be taken as a representation of lifes journey,  rather than just an aspect of it.  A short journey into the centre and back could be done if one just wants to meditate in the Genesa Crystal.

Surprisingly enough it only took about 2.5 hours per week to do basic maintainence. I used two mowers,  one for the path and a re-modelled contraption for the raised section. Visually amazing as the whole thing can be,  (particularly when freshly mowed),  you really have to question the sanity of someone who CHOOSES to do this, (even I wonder at times). One of my explanations is that it guaranteed I got some exercise.

And then I walked it on an apricot sunset evening, or in the magic of a full moon night,  JUST STUNNING!
Why a grass labyrinth you might well ask?  Try contemplating making 2.2k's of stone path, or mounding,  plus maintainence,  it just doesn't bear thinking about, particularly when in the first instance you want a labyrinth NOW.  The section between the paths developed quite a dense body  over the first year or two, and continued to build. Mowing each week guarantees some attention and on balance,  spreading the labour in weekly 2.5 hour lots is quite an efficient solution.

What some of you may not realize is that the grass there was somewhat vigorous,  dense,  just about unstoppable,  and quickly self repairing as I discovered.....

In the first winter the neighbour had a herd of dairy cows escape,  they charged straight down the road ignoring all options except those leading to the labyrinth, some 2 kilometers distant from the breakout.  I lost my cool in a MAJOR way, the Labyrinth had been looking the best it had EVER looked.  The poor guy on the motorbike roaring all over the Labyrinth trying to round them up, took one look at me and wouldn't stop for some reason..............   When I cooled down,  I was amazed at how little damage was done considering the softness of the ground.  It was winter,  the grass wasn't growing,  but it did put a growth spurt on and self healed after we filled the holes. Can't blame the cows, they just took the first opportunity to visit the nicest feeling place for miles.

 "I just feel so peacefull after that"
"But it only seemed like a few minutes........ timeless"
"When I got to the end of the first lot of spirals I just felt like dancing.  So I did."
"I could feel my mother walking with me,  and could hear children laughing.  She's been gone for years now.
 It was wonderful."
"My son is autistic and he says it balanced him,  and I feel it has brought us closer together."
"Did you know there is a blanket of healing energy right over it?"
"Well it's just big circles in a fields isn't it? I do feel pretty charged up though."
From  3 nine year olds, -- "We have heard some pretty weird stuff about this thing and thought we had better
check it out.  It's really cool and they're right it just makes you feel good."
"Is that thing in the middle supposed to move like that,  sort of twisting?  Looks pretty solid to me, how can it do that?"
"Did you know my husband need a double hip operation.  He walked it easily."
So you get the picture,  labyrinths can be useful as well as interesting to walk. Personally I use it to get good ideas and "sort things out".  I don't "see"energy like some do, but it quite uncanny to feel there is someone unseen walking with you, or walking "through" something. One thing for sure is that it amplifies the wonderful energy of the property,  you could just about bottle it with it being so tangible.
And then stories like this filter back:-  "My friends sister came and walked your Labyrinth.  Now this woman has leukemia and a heart condition,  and would normally find physical exertion impossible,  even relatively short walks.  However she made it around your Labyrinth and the next day did a spring clean in all the kitchen cupboards.  A task that would have literally killed her before."
On the opening day we had 32 people present,  we decided to do an ancient Hathor chant,  led by Neil,  while we were circled around the Genesa Crystal.  Lovely harmonics from the group,  when we stopped,  it continued from somewhere above......... twice.
Methinks I will have to create another
PLEASE NOTE: this Labyrinth may not be reproduced in any form whole or part thereof without the explicit written permission of it's original designer/creator